Johnny Banana Co is a modern clothing brand based in Chicago, IL founded by model and mama of two, Birgit DeVae. My motivation for starting the company was from my inability to find modern and unique clothes for Johnny, my oldest son, when he was a baby. It seemed like everything was covered in cheesy sayings or googly eyes and it was so hard to find simple and fun clothing that fit his joyful, energetic personality. I come from a modeling and fashion background and have known how to sew since I was a kid so decided to create what I was unable to find.
My mission is to design and make clothes that stand out and allow kids (and adults!) to show off their unique and beautiful personalities while also being extremely comfortable and durable. The clothes aim to empower kids to look and feel hip but not be hindered from exploring the world and doing things like rolling around in the dirt if they so choose. 
Every item is designed by me and proudly made from the highest quality materials and construction. I am so pleased to share my heart and soul with you and your precious little ones and hope to bring joy, self expression, and pride to your closet.