The Beginning of Johnny Banana Co

Owner Birgit with sons.  Wearing bright and colorful handmade clothes.
I am a designer, maker, model and wife, but my favorite title is Mom.  My first born son, Johnny, is the inspiration behind Johnny Banana Co
When he was a baby, I was frustrated that I couldn't find modern and unique clothes for him.  I come from a fashion background, and just wanted simple and fun clothes that fit his bright and energetic personality
Sewing had been a hobby of mine since I was young, so it made sense to start making the clothes for Johnny myself. I started with a little pair of harem pants, and decided to sell them on Etsy. Eventually, I created a few more pieces and started selling them on my own website.
After two years, Johnny got a little brother, and I continued to refine my brand and offerings. My focus is unique pieces that are durable and made of the highest quality. I want kids to be comfortable in my clothes, able to run, jump, and roll around in the dirt! #boymom
Johnny and Vinny are my muses, my models, and my test subjects for new designs. 
I use my signature fabric for the majority of my pieces. It's lux, soft and you’ll never want to take it off. Breathable, wrinkle resistant, and durable it can stand up to every adventure. It is also UPF-50 for added sun protection. Quality construction and materials mean that my pieces make great hand me downs!
My favorite pieces? The signature track sets. The cowl neck hood makes them stand apart from your basic hoodie. The contrast stripe on the harems make them unique. I have them in so many color combinations, and offer them in sizes baby to adults!
I design every piece myself, and it's an expression of my soul. From selecting brand reps, to curating fabrics and marketing my brand, I pour my heart into every part of my business. I truly hope you will love Johnny Banana Co as much as I do.

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Collab with @titeralove

Collab with @titeralove

Two young boys in hand made clothes.  Hi Lo Long sleeve tees in Ruby and Onyx, with denim pants.

The Perfect Long Sleeve Tee


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