Photo Shoot Fun: Fall Track Sets

Photo Shoot Fun: Fall Track Sets

Have you ever put together a photo shoot?  There are so many things to consider!  Location, models, makeup, wardrobe....

A few times a year I do a big photo shoot for one of my collections.  The JB Co Track Sets are my are my exclusive design, and I am so excited to introduce these new color combinations for Fall.  The idea was to tie in Autumn-inspired colors, like scarlet and tan. I also wanted to include the classic Johnny Banana love for neons, in the neon coral and neon yellow. 

Photographer JP Quindara was amazing to work with.  I really wanted to capture the fun of these track sets, and show how kids could play and be themselves. I think we definitely did!

Jessica Quito is a talented Chicago based makeup artist, and she was able to give us a fresh and natural look. 

We shot at this really cool location near Chicago called Warehouse:109.  It's an event space with all sorts of interesting areas, including a vintage Airstream turned into a lounge. 

The models are all Chicago-area locals, and also include me and my two boys!  Jb Co track sets are gender neutral, and I make them in both kids and adult sizes.

JB Co track sets, like most of my designs, are made for play.  I want kids to be able to run, jump, roll around, and not worry about messing up their clothes.  For this shoot we also included these awesome printed basketballs from Chance Athletics.   It was hard to choose from all their bright prints and colors!

We all had a great time, dancing and playing around.  We were able to get some really great video too!

I hope you love these new Track Sets as much as I do.  Slanted Hoodies and Stripe Harems have special details that make them unique.  Each piece is special and fun, just like our kiddos!




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